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You can have over 175% more stem cells than before within an hour!
A NEW discovery
The medicine of the millenium: STEM CELL THERAPY

What is a stem cell?

Stem cells are cells which are able to transform into any other type of cells with different functions. With other words we call them cells who are "capable of anything".
After conception the embryo consists of such cells which are "capable of anything," beginning from the fifteenth day of development these cells differentiate, nerve, muscle bone and skin cells will grow from them.

In childhood, in an optimal state the stem-cell number is high, but our body's stem-cell evolving ability decreases with aging due to external factors(e.g. accident, dieases). So our body's self-caring ability decreases as well. The more the number of stem-cells orbiting in the blood, the more reaches the organs so their regeneration will be faster and better.

The more stem-cells are in the blood, the better it is for the body.This is the phenomenon that is being discovered nowadays. The body keeps itself in condition and brings it into an optimal state.The more number of stem-cells help recovery better. Bone marrow stem-cells make up the body's natural renewal system.

Olimpiq Stem X Cell.
Stem cell enhancer and protector.

The first and unique natural adult stem cell enhancer, wich has got really extraordinary properties.

  • it supports the stem cell production found in the bone-marrow,
  • helps the migration of stem cells from the blood into the issues,
  • and anhances the various functions of the immune system.

It is clinically verified that with the increase of the number of stem-cells, our unoperable organs can be rebuilt and they can regain their original functions!

The OLIMPIQ STEMXCELL is a new discovery, a new product category in food supplementation!

Suggested Use: 1 times daily by mouth, take plenty of water.
First, the XCELL protective capsule should be taken, then 3/4 hours after the STEMX propagating capsule.

 What is a stem cell?

Stem cells are cells which are able to transform into any other type of cells with different functions.

olimpiq stemxcell-stem cell 2.

With other words we call them cells who are "capable of anything".
After conception the embryo consists of such cells which are "capable of anything," beginning from the fifteenth day of development these cells differentiate, nerve, muscle bone and skin cells will grow from them.

Adult and embryonic stem-cells have very similar characteristics, but they differ in that the isolation of adult stem-cells from the bone marrow is more difficult.

olimpiq stemxcell - stem cell 4.

The stem-cell exits the bone-marrow and enters the blood-stream It gets into the organs with the help of a special messenger material.When it reaches the goal territory, it exploits its fission ability and forwards its copy, and the stem itself infiltrate and becomes the cell of the organ.
If an organ does not work in the best way, or it is attacked in a way and requires cell supplement then it sends a message to the bone marrow, which recognizes the information and send the stem-cells.
They have to get to the right organ with as least damage as possible, recognize it and become cells of the organ. Hereby the organ can renew, by preserving its functions and working healthily.


With the exertion of stem-cell
- They can renew not only organs but other tissues and bones as well
The gel like material which makes up the vertebral disk can be generated. (e.g. vertebral disk degeneration)
- Pancreas has been being reproduced for 10 years.
- Eyesight can be regained and corrigible
- Successful liver, cardiac muscle and leukaemia treatments.
- Diabetes can be treated.Stem-cell is a kind of cell which can transform into any kind of other cell.

The real purpose of stem cell research:

  • Creation of organs ready to full transplantation.
  • Any other cell can be created from sem cells.
  • They are able to.

The increase of the number of stem-cells:

Stem-cell therapy Embryonic
From embryo, umbilicus blood
Expensive, compicated, raises ethical problems.
Stem-cell therapy-adult stem cell
From bone-marrow,
Applied in seriosus cases
Very expensive,
operational risk.
Stem-cell multiplication
Adult stem cell
No risk, natural product, available for anyone.


Stem cell multiplying and defender
Blood sugar Balance

Olimpiq SL agents those natural substances, which importance of his for the quality of life of the diabetic ones they manage a role which cannot be questioned in his correction, the insurance of their balanced blood-sugar level. 

Apart from this both of the types of the diabetes resulting onto the parry of complications, the organization regeneration with the correction of his ability, the complications onto overcoming him we may turn into capable one. The stem cells capable in our organization to be transformed into cells like that, to differentiate, that the insulin is produced.

The insulin the sugar puts him being left into a cell possible one, his concentration decreases in this manner in the blood. The blood-sugar level changes. Many conditions influence the transformation of the stem cells. Single substances one at which aim was taken with a certain type cells induce his formation.

75%-kal more stem cells

The adult stem cells give our organisation's regeneration. Alone the stem cell capable any somebody else to be transformed into a healthy cell. 


The permanently tall sugar level and diabetes his complications indicate that it is given organs, the cells suffer a loss. Their regeneration decreased.
His need is just in this situation for our organization onto more stem cells.

Diabetes with a 1 type The diabetes more rarely occuring, mostly child and his kind taking shape in youth. His reason mostly at the peoples who are prone to this genetically arising autoimmune process, which destroys it, the pancreas insulin producer the cells of a beta. Following this the patient only insulin is tenable with injections in a life. Today with roughly 40-50 thousand 1 types diabetic lives on Hungary, between them cca. 2600 are the children under the 14 years.

His frequenter kind presenting himself as a head in adulthood, that in the majority of the cases likewise it hereditarily it is prone to this at peoples lifestyle problems grows. His capital reason the too abundant nourishment, the too little motion, the reduced physical activity, and the obesity deriving from these concerned the all these insulin growing on his trace resistance. After with these harmful factors increasingly often, already early we meet in childhood, not rare the twenty-something diabetes with a 2 type coming forward among young persons

Chromium the normal glucose-, insulin-, fatty acid-, to protein metabolism and the fundamental trace element which is necessary to the development of the muscles. The suitable chromium input, -disappearing and -infiltrating to the regulation of the blood-sugar level and with the insulin to the development of sensitivity, his normalisation necessary. Insulin resistance takes shape in his deficiency.



Ageing-stem cells

The stem-cell level is the best signal

The repairing and building ability of the human body differs in chilhood, in adulthood and in old age as well. The number of stem-cells in 5 liter blood varies between 5 to 25 million.The stem-level is the best signal of the health of the flux. Better than the cholesterol level or the blood pressure,or diabetes etc. Better than anything known as cardiovascular risk, and this applies to everything in the body. The greater the number of stem-cells in the body, the better the health condition is.

olimpiq-stemxcell-őssejt 5

According to the researches of the latest centuries, it can be stated with great certainity, that stem-cells are the most highest of our bodies.


Majority of people know what entropy means:
for example in case we do not clean the house, it will be less clean on the last day than on the first one.
The effort of all the materials and energies is, if left alone, to collapse and grow the disorder, spred except for the asc when the effect of an outer force overcomes.

Everything perishes in the world, if not maintainded. It is the same with our bodies. We keep fighting against entropy in our system as long as we are alive.

Embryonary stem cells are gained from embryos who were born after artifical insemination. Research on this field is prohibited in certain countries due to the protection of embryonary life and respect for its dignity. Az adult stem cells have got the same properties as the former, researches usually focus on the latter.

Adult stem cells rather in the focus of research nowadays

Adult stem cells are born in the bone-marrow, circulating in the blood-stream their function isto regenerate our organs. By the progression of aging the number of generating stem cells is decreasing significantly. The possibibilities of use of stem cells is multifunctional. That is they are able to develop into any other type of cells and they can transform. In case more stem cells are available in the blood-stream the regenarative processes of our bodies can be enhanced and the malfunction or disability of certain organs can improve. Therefore the purpose of certain "organ-repairing" surgeries is the stem cell transplantation.

X Colimpiqstemxcellell (Stem-cell protector)

The future has already begun...

Stem cell nutrition helps you to overcome the aging processes urging the bone-marrow to produce more adult stem cells.

olimpiq-stemxcell-cellflavinThe route of stem cells in the blood stream against
damaging free-radicals is protected by antioxidants

and bioflavonoids. It is still important that these
stem cells with the help of the circulation material get

to those places where after transformation they become
operating healthy organs of heart, skin, bone, muscle,

nerve, kidney, liver, lung, cartilage, pancreas and eye.
Active substances: flavonoid, polyphenol, resveratrol


Stem X (Stem-cell enhancer)

The number of stem-cells increases with 75% within an hour!

The first and unique natural adult stem-cell multiplier, which has extraordinary characteristics.
- It nourishes the production of stem-cells in the bone marrow,
- Helps the migration of stem-cells from the blood to the tissues and fixes the various functions of the immune system.

 Stem cell feeding helps to overcome aging processes by making the bone marrow produce more stem cells.

 Active substances: polysaccharide, trypsin, amino-acid, fuchsine, chlorophyl, lycopene.


 FAQ - Stem cell enhancer dietary supplement

Why is it called a food supplementary and not a medicine?

We do not want to extract these natural active substances from their original environment in order to use them as a mixture of isolated molecules as medicines in 5 or 8 years.

Does the consumption entail any risk?

It contains natural extracts and is beneficial for the human body. Beside stem-cell enhancing, it has a repairing effect on the vascular system, has anti-malignant tumour antioxidant effect and protective against  radicals.

Where does the company get the blue-green algae
(Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, AFA) from?

It derives from Lake Klamath, Oregon, USA which lies in a volcanic environment. About 7 thousand years ago as a result of volcanic eruption the environment and the bed of the lake was covered with volcanic ash containing a lot of trace minerals and trace elements good for the multiplication of blue-green algae.

Does the company check the toxic effect of the blue algae?

The raw material arrives with safety analysis and is examined during production in Hungary as well.

Is Olimpiq StemXCell a Hungarian innovation?

Except AFA, all the other ingredients are from the company's research and development.

What kind of examinations must be done with food supplements?

Besides general food safety, the recommended daily dosage (vitamins, trace elements) must be determined and checked.

What is the benefit of studies made on food supplements?

So far unknown characteristics may be revealed which can benefit those who take care of their diet and food supplementation.

What proves the independence of the studies carried out?

Tests can only be taken based on financial support. The credibility is guaranteed by the repeatability of the results under similar circumstances. Anyone will have the same results if they want to check it.

Where can the results of the study be checked?

These results are announced in scientific journals and at international conferences.

How does the manufacturer prove that Olimpiq StemXCell food supplement increases stem cell number by 75%?

During animal tests the active substances of the capsule were injected into the body of the examined animals. Then they examined the number of stem cells orbiting in the blood of animals compared to a control group. The study was carried out with flow-citometrial methods and CD34+ antibodies. According to the study, in the group consuming the active substances, the number of stem cells increased by 75%.

If this food supplement enhances the stem cells, does its presence on the market mean medicine experiment on humans?

During a medicine experiment an unknown effect and its side-effects are examined. A food supplementary can also mean a new understanding of a substance used for thousands of years: in this case, the stem cell enhancing effect which can reveal new functions besides the already known characteristics.

How can the anti-tumour effect of the stem cell enhancer be proved?

Parallel to the measuring of stem cell level in the blood, studies were also carried out to examine the genes responsible for the formation of tumours (oncogen expression change). Results show that the expression of genes reduces so the substances of the capsule are anti-tumorous.

How long has the company been making experiments on food supplements?

Our company has been producing food supplements with anti-tumorous effects for 10 years. We have done the most studies in this field in Hungary.

Why does Olimpiq StemXCell have two components? Why should stem cell protector be taken?

Cell Flavin, an inherent part of the product has antioxidant effect and is used to tie and neutralize free radicals arising day by day in the blood circulation.

What does it mean physiologically if we have 50% more stem cells in our body?

According to science six-tenfold of stem-cells of the body are found in the bone-marrow. If at the age of 20, twenty million stem cells orbited in the blood, and at the age of 40 it is only ten million then its 50% increase is 5 million. This is within the normal physiological range to which the body got used during the years.

What kind of tests prove the safety of the product?

The safety of the product is proved by studies concerning pesticide remains, heavy metal content and chronic toxic effects.

Why are stem cells in the center of interest nowadays?

In the last five years a lot of patients were operated and reached recoveries which would have been impossible before. So stem cells opened up new fields of research and became one of the most important tool for people longing for health.

Why are stem cells the most important in the regeneration of the human body?

One million new cells are born in our body in every second so our body needs stem cells all the time.

Are there any substances deriving from the production which are harmful to the environment?

The company produces the product from authorized natural raw materials. During the production no by-product arises which would be harmful to the environment.

Can the effect of the capsule be reached through a mixed diet?

As a result of scientific examination of about a thousand natural products, nine were selected. They are effective in combination with each other.

Is medical control needed during the consumption of the product?

Not for this food supplement but you can inform your doctor during your medical checkups.

Can the consumption of the product substitute medicines or medical care?

This food supplement does not aim to make diagnoses and/or cure diseases.

Can allergic symptoms arise during the consumption?

The healthy human body can be allergic to any common substance, for example to cherry. The product does not contain sugar, artifical colouring, soy, artificial flavour, milk derivative, yeast, preservative.

Why is it good that the number of stem cells increase in our body?

In childhood, in an optimal state the stem cell number is high but our body's stem cell evolving ability decreases with age due to external factors (e.g. accident, diseases). So our body's self-caring ability decreases as well. The more the number of stem-cells orbiting in the blood, the more reaches the organs so their regeneration will be faster and better.

Does every natural product have a stem cell enhancing effect?

Some substances promote stem cell enhance, others do not have an effect on it and others block or even decrease it.

Is it offered for pregnant women or mothers during breastfeeding?

The effect of the product is examined only on animals, there has no research been made on this filed yet, but according to the ingredients there is nothing to stop them from taking it.

How can it be checked whether the number of stem cells increased due to Olimpiq StemXCell?

Simply by testing the peripheral blood sample with the use of CD34+ anti-body by using a special instrument.

How can we know that stem cells have a universal effect so they are good for everything in the whole body?

According to scientific studies, only stem cells have the characteristic features that they can develop into more than 200 types of cells in the body, for example liver, kidney, nerve or cardiac muscle cells.

How can regeneration be proved?

During animal tests, an organ namely liver was damaged by chemical substances. Than compared to the control group the regeneration of the animals which received stem cell enhancer was faster and more effective.

Can it be taken together with other food supplements or medicine?

There is no data in connection with the medicines, but many of them might reduce the stem cell number. So it is advisable to leave some time difference.

What kind of quality control is done in the production of Olimpiq StemXCell?

A basic requirement for every food supplement manufac is to run a HACCP system. The man has ISO 9001:2000 certificate which assures the product quality and manufacturing circumstances. This is an international standard which is determinative and accepted in the EU.

What is the difference between stem cell enhance with a capsule and foreign stem cell transplantation?

Both have their own unique characteristics. In the case of stem cell transplantation the extra stem cells get into the body through operation, while in the case of stem cell enhance we mobilize our own bone-marrow stock into the orbiting blood and then the extra stem cell production can start in the bone-marrow.

How long does a capsule's stem cell enhancing function exist in the body?

Every human body has different stem-cell number so the stem cell enhancing function depends on other functions, like age, diseases, health condition and lifestyle. According to our studies, we studied stem cell numbers after 1, 3, 6, 9 and 18 hours. The effect can be measured for 1-18 hours after consumption.

Can anything influence the existence and survival of the produced extra stem cells?

So called free-radicals are born every day in our body, which have cell damaging effects. These materials can react with not only the cells of organs but with cells orbiting in the blood too. So these free-radicals can damage stem-cells as well.

Does the capsule contain animal related substances?

Yes, one of the ingredients, and the material of the soft gelatin capsule.

Can the damages of the nervous system be repaired?

Damaged nerve-cells deriving from accidents, diseases or simply from aging can be renewed and repaired by stem-cells.

Can natal disorders be repaired by stem cells?

Such genetic faults can not be repaired neither by stem cell transplantation, umbilical-cord blood nor stem cell enhancing.

Is the number of stem cells in the body important only for ill people?

As it is important to have the proper number of stem cells in our body both for healthy and ill people it is advisable not to wait for the necessity of operation or taking medicine. If we look at our continuously rebuilding bone system, then every single bone cell of ours is changed in 20 weeks.

Are we satisfied with all new investments which reveal some hidden opportunities for us?

The invention of X-ray was characterized by Lord Kelvin as follows: 'such a ray is non-existent...'. The new characteristics of the existing reality always cause surprises.

To buy the Olimpiq StemXCell products please contact the distributor at marketnetpalace@gmail.com